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Blackstone launches the B-Prepaid APP on Clover

Jan 5, 2024

A Clover merchant can earn commissions when products are sold through the B Prepaid app.

Blackstone Prepaid, a trusted provider of retail solutions, is pleased to highlight the B Prepaid app on Clover, an exceptional tool that enables merchants to maximize sales and generate commissions. This proven app, already making waves in the market, offers a wide range of prepaid, no-contract, pay-as-you-go products, providing an effortless way for merchants to increase revenue and attract customers.

With the B Prepaid app, Clover merchants can earn commissions for every product sold, transforming their businesses into reload centers for wireless services, tolls, and other popular offerings. This free revenue-generating app eliminates the need for inventory and merchandising racks in-store, offering a streamlined solution that enhances profitability and convenience.

The key features of the B Prepaid app include the ability to instantly add funds to domestic prepaid wireless accounts, facilitate international top-ups to recharge mobile phones abroad, and offer toll reload services for customers to conveniently pay toll violation notices. Merchants can also tap into the demand for long-distance phone cards with competitive rates and provide reload pinless long-distance accounts for customers seeking low international calling rates without lengthy PINs.

By leveraging the B Prepaid app on Clover, merchants can drive traffic to their stores, boost sales, and cater to the needs of a broad customer base. Join the ranks of successful merchants already benefiting from this reliable and revenue-generating app.

For more information about the B Prepaid app and how to get started, visit

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