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Introducing the New Prepaid Service Platform for Merchants

Apr 12, 2024

Our new application now available for Clover devices and through the web.

Blackstone is pleased to announce the launch of Prepaid, our new application now available for Clover devices and through the web. Designed to provide business owners with a fast and simple solution for offering prepaid services, Prepaid includes features such as toll replenishment, bill payment, national and international phone top-ups, and gift card sales, all within a secure environment.Janet Sancho, President of Blackstone, states: "With Prepaid, not only can each merchant earn commissions for every product sold, but they also add unmatched value to their business. Moreover, we provide a crucial solution for those with limited banking access, expanding the reach of these essential services.

Availability of Prepaid

Prepaid is accessible on any Clover device, available directly from the Clover App Store. We have significantly expanded and enhanced its web version, allowing merchants without Clover devices to also establish prepaid accounts through our online platform.

Application Enhancements

  • Interface Redesign: We introduce a cleaner and more efficient interface, ideal for constant use.

  • Bilingual Interface: Available in Spanish to better serve a diverse audience.

  • Light/Dark Mode: Customize the display for greater visual comfort.

  • Font Adjustment: Tailor the font size to your visual needs.

  • Bill Payment: New feature for paying basic utilities such as water and electricity.

  • More Precise Reporting: More effective control of transactions and daily progress monitoring.

About Blackstone

Founded in 1995, Blackstone has pioneered comprehensive prepaid solutions for merchants of all sizes through electronic point-of-sale solutions and robust physical distribution. Our product range includes branded telephone cards, wireless top-ups, mobile content products, bill payment services, and credit and debit card processing.

For more information about Prepaid and how it can benefit your business, please visit or contact us at 305-639-9590.

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